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Freestyle Adventure Story Telling RPG Copyright 2002, 2007 by FAST Games.  All materials and artwork are the intellectual and artistic properties of FAST Games.
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"Firefly: Well, You See, There’s a Kinda Hitch" by Woody Babb

The intrepid crew of Serenity are in Lynchview Flats for business, pleasure, and anything in between.  On the run and laying low, Mal and his cohorts look for work and enjoy a little down time.  Lost gold, desperados, a strange illness, and bounty hunters… just business as usual.  Come along for the ride, got us some crime to be done.


"Scooby Doo: Wednesday Mourning" by Larry Babb

A teenage heiress contacts Mystery, Inc to investigate a creepy old mansion. Local legend has it that the dead walk the decaying halls by night. It’s up to those meddling kids to get to the bottom of the mystery. Join Scooby and the gang with special guest star Wednesday Addams for this Lovecraftian twist on the classic Saturday morning cartoon.


"Call of Clue-thulhu: 'Til Death Do Us Part" by Larry Babb

You are cordially invited to attend a wedding at the Boddy Mansion. But you might want to hang onto your gift receipt. A sinister shadow looms over the festivities and not everyone will survive the evening. Take the role of Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, or one of the other characters in this Lovecraftian twist on the classic boardgame.


"Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles: Brogue Pun" by Woody Babb

Once upon a time, in a sewer far, far away, the Padawans in a Half Shell stumble onto an insidious plot by the evil Empire to wipe out any resistance.  They must ally themselves with a reckless pilot and rescue a beautiful princess to stand a chance of stopping Darth Shredder and his Foot Troopers.  Leo, Mike, Raph, and Don will risk it all to keep the Rebel Alliance from being obliterated.  Not everyone will make it through the mission alive!


"Pirates of the Caribbean: Demons of the Deep" by Steve Bruns

The high seas are ablaze and your ship is carrying the one artifact that could shift the tide of war: the jeweled skull of the Kraken! Can you figure out what to do with the enchanted idol and bring your precious cargo to port without losing your ship or… your soul?


"Evil Dead: Ash vs. the Pokénomicon" by Steve Bruns

“ANOTHER book?!” That's right, Ash. An evil-infused version of the Pokedex is loose in Celadon City. It’s up to you to find out who is behind it and keep all the Pokemon from turning into undead horrors. Play as Ash Williams, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Jesse, James AND one of their Pokemon in this action/adventure/horror/comedy romp.


"Star Trek: Planet of Titans" by Steve Bruns

Red Alert! Fly at maximum warp to "The Forge," a Federation protectorate under attack by forces unknown. The planet is the Federation’s prime source of giant mecha, needed for the mining of trilithium crystals. But who or what is behind the attack? Play as an officer from any era: The Original Series, Next Gen, and beyond.