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Freestyle Adventure Story Telling RPG Copyright 2002, 2007 by FAST Games.  All materials and artwork are the intellectual and artistic properties of FAST Games.
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Here are some tools to help you get the most out of your FAST gaming:

 Character Sheets and Misc. Documents

FAST Character Sheet (MS Excel)

FAST Combat WorksSheet (MS Excel)

Game Master Basics (PDF)

Player Equipment for Modern RPG Settings (PDF)

 RPG Scenarios
 "The Patron Stars"
Ship-to-Ship Combat Supplement by Steve Bruns for use in futuristic Sci-Fi settings.

The Patron Stars Combat Supplement (PDF)

Battlebase Character Sheet (MS Excel)

Destroyer Character Sheet (MS Excel)

Patrol Cruiser Character Sheet (MS Excel)

Patrol Cruiser Combat Sheet (PDF)

Snub Fighter Character Sheet (MS Excel)

Snub Fighter Combat Sheet (PDF)

Tramp Freighter Character Sheet (MS Excel)

Tramp Freighter Combat Sheet (PDF)


Call of Clue-thulhu (ZIP)


Kingdom of Pavilion

"Even though Franklin City is in New Jersey, and not too far from the major traffic corridors, itís blessed to be situated with a comforting bit of wilderness around its edges AND at its heart.

New Deal Park is much beloved by the citizens, who fish and hike and picnic beneath ancient trees. However, there is one corner of the woods that they never seem to visit: the area around the Water Tower and Pavilion Seven. Hikers who head that way always find themselves drawn down a different path, and maintenance crews check its trash cans off their lists without ever emptying a single bin. Strange enchantments are at work, keeping the Big Folk away from the Kingdom of Pavilion, as itís known to the mice who live there.

They live in peace for the most part, under the watchful eye of their King, Acorus Calamus and the doughty knights of the Royal Court. But, it wasnít always so peaceful."

This is the convention description from the first official Kingdom of Pavilion adventure, a FAST setting by Steve Bruns, who first created this adventure for his own children, and then developed it as one of the FAST crew's eclectic array of convention adventures. The first appearance by a mouse-knight was Sir Richard Whitewhisker, who was then just an incidental character, one of a group of "Saturday-morning cartoon characters" who went around Franklin City solving mysteries. But, where did this mouse-knight come from? Why did the mice have a medieval kingdom in the heart of a city? Just what was it that made the park so special? Investigating the background of this character proved irresistible, and so it spawned a regularly-appearing series of adventures at Egyptian Campaign, DieCon, Archon and Anime St. Louis. A Sir Richard Whitewhisker novel is also slated to appear before the end of 2012, mouse-gods willing.

Kingdom of Pavilion Map (PDF)

Franklin City Map (JPG)

Scenario: Guardians of Gazebo (ZIP) with ultra-lite FAST rules